By-laws are municipal statutes. The Local Governance Act authorizes municipalities to enact by-laws for municipal purposes.

Proposed By-laws - Zoning Matters

The Notices of Intention listed below provide information with respect to dates for Public Hearings and/or Public Presentations (if applicable).  Click the appropriate link to read a pdf file for each respective notice and respective proposed by-law, or access a paper version by visiting the Office of the City Clerk at City Hall.

After third reading the notice and proposed by-law will be removed from this section of the website.

184 Greenwood Drive

76-110 Forest Hill Road

610, 620 Squires Street

30 Leverman Street

557 Saint Mary's Street

By-law No. Z-5.184 - Third Reading February 10, 2020

Proposed By-laws - Other

By-law No. T-7.32 - Raise the Parking Permit Fee at York Street Carpark as Specified in the 2020 Budget

By-law No. L-11.156 - Stop-up and Closure of Portion of Queen Street

By-law No. R-6.4 - Update the By-law with regard to the Smoke Free Places Act, and expand the Prohibitions Section

By-law No. T-1.106 - Parking Restrictions on Hughes Street and Victoria Street and Repeal Existing Parking Restrictions on Argyle, Saunders, and Victoria Street during FREX Week

By-law No. L-8.3 - Repeal Section 4, which is now found in By-law No. L-18, A By-law for the Management of Trees within the City of Fredericton

The by-laws listed below are scheduled for a third reading by the Council of the City of Fredericton on the date listed after each by-law. Click the appropriate link to read a PDF file of each proposed by-law, or access a paper version by visiting the Office of the City Clerk, at City Hall.

After the scheduled third reading, the by-law will either be passed or defeated – either way, it will be removed from this section of the website.

This electronic version is an unofficial consolidation and is provided for convenience only. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, the City of Fredericton does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the contents.  If an official version of a by-law is required or to ensure there have been no subsequent amendments, reference must be made to the paper version held in the City Clerk’s Office.

Please be advised that the zoning by-law is amended on a regular basis.  All zoning amendments must be confirmed with planning staff. A full copy of the zoning by-law and large prints of maps are available for purchase, by contacting the Planning and Development Department.